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Watch the first video made in Lumion 12

Lumion 12 is coming soon.

                          Lumion 12 is coming soon, making it even easier to share your vision exactly as you imagine it — full of beauty, atmosphere and emotion.


                          Architectural visualization has increasingly become an important and integrated part of design workflows.

                          Now, with the launch of Lumion 12 on the horizon, we’re excited to share the first video made with some of the new features and workflow-enhancing tools in Lumion 12. We will announce the release date soon so stay tuned!

                          Buy a new Lumion license, get a free upgrade to Lumion 12

                          Starting on October 1st, when you buy a new Lumion license, you’ll automatically receive a free upgrade to Lumion 12 as soon as it’s available.

                          After your purchase, you will receive Lumion 11.5 until the release of the new version. When Lumion 12 is released, you will receive a ‘Getting Started with Lumion’ email with all the information you need to install your free upgrade. You will also be able to download the new version straight from your Lumion Account on launch day.

                          You can order your Lumion license here.
                          Special Promotional pricing is available

                          Do you have a Lumion 9 or Lumion 10 license?
                          Did you purchase a new Lumion 11.5 license in July, August or September 2021?

                          If so, then you can enjoy reduced promotional pricing when you upgrade your license to Lumion 12.
                          Contact us to find out more about your special pricing.

                          Order extra seats for your Lumion 12 license

                          Seats for Lumion 12 are no longer available, but you can pre-order seats for Lumion 12 licenses. If you don’t have a Lumion 12 license key yet, you will need to upgrade first.
                          This includes:
                          - Customers who purchased a new Lumion 11.5 license with the free upgrade to Lumion 12.
                          - Customers who ordered an upgrade of their existing license to Lumion 12.

                          When Lumion 12 is released, you will be able to download your license with the Lumion 12 installer in your Lumion Account. Additionally, we will send you a ‘Getting started with Lumion 12’ email, which contains a link to download the new version.
                          System requirements for Lumion 12

                          More good news! Lumion’s system requirements are not changing for the new version, which means that you don’t need to update your computer hardware to enjoy a smooth and inspiring experience when rendering with Lumion 12.

                          For more information on computer hardware and Lumion performance, please visit the system requirements page.