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Lumion for AutoCAD

 Experience real-time rendering with LiveSync for AutoCAD 

Lumion compatibility and real-time rendering for AutoCAD

Lumion is 3D rendering software made specifically for architects, and if you use Autodesk AutoCAD® for your 3D modeling, Lumion can help you bring your designs to life.

Now, you can always view your AutoCAD model in Lumion’s stunning, lifelike environments complete with accurate lighting and shadow,

surrounding context such as urban neighborhoods or rural settings, and beautiful, realistic materials. 

You can also set up real-time rendering with Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD, available in Lumion 10.3. You can learn more about LiveSync for AutoCAD below. 

LiveSync for AutoCAD

What is Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD?

Always get a real-time view of your AutoCAD 3D model in Lumion’s breathtaking, full context environments with LiveSync for AutoCAD, available in Lumion 10.3.

The free Lumion LiveSync plugin lets you set up a simultaneous, real-time connection between your 3D model in AutoCAD and Lumion 10.3. 

Change the model’s shape in AutoCAD to test a modified design, and you’ll instantly see the model updated in Lumion. With this view of your model, you can experience it in a beautiful, living environment and explore how design decisions will impact the look and feel of the design in its real-life context.

LiveSync for AutoCAD feature highlights

  • Real-time rendering with AutoCAD and Lumion

  • Always experience high-quality renders while you work

  • Change the 3D model in AutoCAD and instantly view changes in Lumion

  • Transform AutoCAD materials into beautiful materials

  • Give your 3D model a lifelike setting with people, cars, furniture, water, trees, weather and more

  • Create compelling images, videos and 360 panoramas

  • View your model with styles and other cinematic effects with a single click

Dive right into LiveSync for AutoCAD with this tutorial: