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Lumion For Revit

Turn your Revit projects into beautiful, memorable renderings

Lumion compatibility and real-time rendering for Revit

When it comes to BIM and its innovative array of intelligent 3D drawing capabilities, Autodesk Revit remains one of the major design tools across the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

Lumion rendering software is designed especially for architects who want to convey the beauty and the vision of their Revit projects. Even if you have zero 3D rendering experience, Lumion instantly creates a live connection to your Revit project. 

And in less than an hour, you can capture your project in its real-life setting or a conceptual context in a compelling, immersive way.

You can quickly create images, videos and 360 panoramas (suitable for VR), and show your design as it would look in a thick forest, near the ocean, or at the end of a cul-de-sac. If you design interiors, Lumion’s lighting and shadow technology helps provide a feeling for space, materials and emotion.

No matter your Revit project, Lumion helps you bring it to life.

Company team

Jacqueline Warner

Director, Technology, Pfluger Architects

 “In the span of three days, I taught myself the program, I rendered a high school, and I produced the animation for it.”

Real-time rendering with Lumion LiveSync for Revit

Lumion LiveSync is a free plugin that creates a live, real-time connection with your Revit modeling and Lumion rendering projects. What does this mean? By downloading the LiveSync plugin (below) and installing it in Revit, you can instantly connect these two programs so that any changes you make to the model in Revit are instantly reflected in Lumion’s beautiful environments.

When you’re in the early stages of the design process, for example, LiveSync gives you the benefit of always viewing how your BIM choices impact the photorealistic or conceptual presentation of your project.

Real-time rendering with Lumion LiveSync for Revit

See how a change to the living room’s dimensions can alter the flow of light. Try out design concepts for a roof and check to make sure it fits with the context of the project’s real-life neighborhood. 

Experience a landscape design on a rainy morning, or an office building on a clear night. Download LiveSync for Revit below and see how real-time rendering can positively impact your workflows.

How does Lumion work?

Once you import your model into Lumion, you enter an intuitive, world-building environment that makes it easy to convey the beauty of your design in its real-life or conceptual context.

You can sculpt mountains, shape hills and create rivers and lakes. With 5,600+ models in the built-in content library, it takes only minutes to create true-to-life exterior, interior, urban or rural scenes.

With 1,200+ customizable materials in the content library, you can breathe life into the design, heightening the image of its real-life impact and leaving a lasting memory on your clients.


Two ways to import Revit models into Lumion

1. Real-time rendering with LiveSync

To create a seamless workflow between Revit and Lumion, we recommend that you use the free Lumion LiveSync plugin.

If you have Lumion 7.3 and newer, LiveSync lets you immediately set up a real-time visualization of your Revit model. Make sure to select a perspective 3D View before clicking on the LiveSync button.

Once you’ve established the connection, rendering and modeling become a real-time experience, getting you from your initial idea to a final, beautiful rendering faster than ever before.

Revit models into Lumion

2. Export from Revit to Lumion

Lumion is compatible with all CAD and 3D modeling programs and file formats. While LiveSync creates a faster, more seamless experience, you can also export your project as a Collada .DAE file.