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See the future with Lumion 2023

Set to launch early next year

Exciting news for all new and Existing Lumion users

The much anticipated Lumion 2023 integrates real-time ray tracing technology, to bring you the next generation of visualization tools. Set to launch early next year, the new major version marks the beginning of a new chapter for Lumion and the introduction of a platform to innovate for the years to come.

Lumion 2023

A new era of visualisation

The idea that 3D rendering should be accessible to every architect and designer, regardless of technical background, has propelled us forward since the very beginning of Lumion. Our aim has always been to provide a dependable way for you and creators alike to instantly visualize the future, exactly how you imagine it. A way to fine-tune and showcase designs that goes beyond form and function to capture hearts and minds. 

For over a decade Lumion has been recognized for its intuitive experience that is easy to learn, flexible and that fits the architect’s workflow. An experience that encourages creativity and personal expression, while keeping the more technical aspects of rendering seamlessly working behind the scenes. 

But have you ever wondered what powers Lumion under the hood?

Lumion 2023

The best of both worlds

Lumion 2023 aims to meld science with art to set a new standard in rendering by incorporating ray tracing technology alongside rasterization. To enable this massive shift and unlock faster and more frequent innovations in the long run, we’ve completely transformed Lumion’s unique in-house render engine. Specifically designed to serve the needs of AEC professionals for projects of all scales, Lumion’s new render engine will deliver a best-in-class, time-efficient rendering experience.

Lumion 2023 will provide an unprecedented level of quality that will simply work out-of-the-box, while maintaining Lumion’s easy-to-use customization capabilities that so many of our customers love.

Lumion 2023

“Lumion 2023 is more than just an upgrade. To unlock the potential of ray tracing now and in the future, we completely overhauled our render engine, a journey that started more than 2 years ago.”  

Remko Jacobs, Lumion Chief Technology Officer

Throughout 2023, the new rendering platform powering Lumion will enable more frequent feature and content updates that will be seamlessly delivered through the Lumion Subscription.

Why now?

While ray tracing technology has been around for a while, the decision to bring it into Lumion now is guided by the same principles that have steered us throughout the years: accessibility, stability, speed and experience. 

Lumion’s new render engine ensures that both customers with ray tracing capable graphics cards as well as those who haven’t adopted this capability yet can continue to use the software without any disruption to workflow or having to sacrifice speed over higher quality results. While ray tracing unlocks the ability to create physically accurate lighting, shadows and reflections with minimum intervention, Lumion 2023 will still enable a flexible experience to help you achieve the desired result. 

Ultimately, it’s not about the technology itself, it’s about how it’s being applied to serve a higher purpose. Whether it’s developing a design, exploring ideas or showcasing your vision of the future, that purpose is entirely up to you.

Lumion 2023

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more about Lumion Subscription here.