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Make every detail count with Lumion 12.3, available now!

Volumetric omni lights. Custom surface decals. Newly animated plants and more. Lumion 12.3 comes with new features to help you visualize every detail, giving texture and life to your projects.


Lumion 12.3 is available today as a free minor update for current Lumion 12 users. This version is all about making every detail count in your visualizations, helping you give your architectural designs a more lifelike, almost tactile quality.

You can now enjoy a straightforward, efficient process for customizing materials and other surfaces exactly as you imagine. Create more atmospheric, stunning images and videos by highlighting the beauty and texture of your designs with volumetric light.

 3D model by CMonje.

To learn more about all the new features in Lumion 12.3, continue reading below. You can even try out these new features by signing up for the free 14-day trial for businesses.

How to get Lumion 12.3

Do you have a Lumion 12 license key?

If so, you can easily update your license with the new features and other improvements by going to your Lumion Account. You should have also received a ‘Getting Started with Lumion’ email that contains download instructions in the inbox associated with your license key.

Do you have a previous version of Lumion, such as Lumion 11 or below? If so, you can upgrade to instantly take advantage of all the new features that have been added since your version. This means you get the features mentioned below as well as the new additions in Lumion 12, including volumetric spotlights, 142 built-in decals, hundreds of nature items, stylish interior and exterior furnishings, highly realistic materials and much more.

You’ll also discover a faster, easier rendering experience with new object collections, a more intuitive materials workflow, improved object groups, character billboards and a smoother animation functionality, among several others.

If you have any questions about upgrading your license, please reach out to our friendly Customer Care team.

Import custom decals (Pro only)

The environment all around you is full of art, imperfect textures and other unique characteristics. Since Lumion 12, you can instantly personalize surfaces with 142 built-in surface decals, including imperfections, age, road markings, wall art and more.

Now, in Lumion 12.3, you can import your very own custom surface decals and enjoy even more freedom when adding character and texture to your project’s surfaces.

Suddenly, these decals take on all the textures and intricate details of the underlying material, whether that’s asphalt, wood, plaster or metal. You can also adjust its appearance, including color, transparency, range and orientation.

Custom decals are easy to place and modify so that you can naturally blend them into your project, opening up a wide range of applications:

— Show beautiful patterns and wall art on interior and exterior surfaces.
— Depict a large mural, artistic graffiti or other artwork in an urban neighborhood.
— Create realistic imperfections in your materials, such as wall damage, stains, age, discoloration and other markings.
— Add unique, localized elements to your render, including road markings, signage and other helpful details found in real-life.

The custom decals feature fits right into any visualization workflow, making it easy to transform all the materials across your project with color, personality and style.

Volumetric light effect for omni lights (Pro only)

Lighting is the key ingredient in attention-grabbing, emotionally gripping visualizations.

Lumion 12.3 adds yet another lighting tool to help you cast beautiful light across your scene with the new volumetric light effect for omni lights.

3D model by CMonje.

With this point-and-click effect, creating that beautiful glow of light becomes an enjoyable and extremely intuitive experience. After making your lights volumetric, aim for greater realism and atmosphere by easily modifying their color, brightness, falloff, shadows and more.

The volumetric omni lights effect is perfect when used in a subtle manner. Some exciting applications that you can easily employ include:

— Rendering a foggy, moody night
— Visualizing task and event lighting
— Create a cinematic effect to delight clients
— Show dust, mist or steam for interior and exterior shots
— Magnify a sense of volume in spaces
— Suggest new perspectives or ways to view the design

There are countless situations where volumetric lighting can come in handy. Mood, atmosphere, ambiance — the volumetric omni lights effect gives more depth to an environment or space.

110 newly animated nature items

The Lumion nature library provides everything you would need to create a lush, natural setting in a short amount of time. 

In Lumion 12.3, you can enjoy more freedom and diversity when creating detail-rich environments with 110 newly animated weeds and other nature objects. These previously static items now move with life, creating the context for more energetic, lively animations. 

3D model by CMonje.

With the many improvements to the content library made in Lumion 12, finding and adding these animated objects is a breeze. Simply add a few animated weeds, flowers and more to your animations and, instantly, your scene will come alive. 

Try changing the intensity of the wind effect to see these nature items really move!

Import your own license plates

Lumion 12.3 is all about harnessing the power of detail in an effortless manner, helping you recreate the entirety of your vision and sell your project to the client.

Now, with custom license plates in Lumion 12.3, it’s even easier to anchor your design to a specific place, wherever that may be.

3D model by TEN OVER STUDIO.

Just one time-saving click and all the cars, buses, motorbikes and semi-trucks will represent the project’s location, helping your renders better contribute to the story you want to tell.

Other workflow and performance improvements

Every update comes with several minor improvements to provide a smoother, faster and more stable rendering experience.

Because rendering should, at the end of the day, be fun and unobtrusive. For a breakdown of small improvements made for Lumion 12.3, including the ability to add up to 32 layers, please review the Lumion 12.3 Release Notes.

Design. Render. Inspire. With Lumion 12.3.

Lumion 12.3 is available from March 1st, 2022. To add Lumion to your design workflows, head to the Buy page.

Students can also update their educational licenses by heading to their Lumion Account. Learn more about educational licenses here.