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Lumion 12.5 Release Notes

Lumion 12.5: Release Notes


Lumion 12.5 and Lumion 12.5 Pro are available today as a free download and update for Lumion 12 users.

Lumion 12.5 Trial, Lumion 12.5 Pro Trial, and Lumion 12.5 Pro Student are also available today.


See the following article for more information on how to download the new version:



  • Please note that Projects and models saved in version 12.5 cannot be opened in older versions of Lumion.  That also includes versions 12.0, 12.0.1, 12.0.2, 12.3, and 12.3.1.
  • Please click on the following link to see how to transfer settings, models, and Projects from older versions of Lumion:


1. Changes & Resolved Errors

1.1: Build Mode:

1.1.1 Objects and Object Library

  • Switching between Variations of the same Imported Model now updates the shadows.
  • Object Insertion Points are now rendered in the correct position when many distant objects are selected.

1.1.2 Place Mode:

  • Objects added using the Paint Placement Tool are now placed on the active Layer rather than being placed on Layer 1.

1.1.3 Groups:

  • Grouped objects from the Effects Category now maintain their relative position to the Group's Origin Point when the Group is moved.
  • Edit Group: selecting one Object in a Group now only highlights that Object and not all Objects within the Group

1.1.4 Layers:

  • The Layer tab is more responsive when renaming Layers.
  • The Layer name display has been improved.
  • The name of Hidden Layers is now displayed when hovering over the Show/Hide icon.
  • Layer names being displayed as numbers: this is now based on the available on-screen space instead of the number of Layers.
  • Hidden Layers no longer become visible when loading a Project for the first time in a Lumion session.

1.2: Photo, Movie, and Panorama Modes: 

Photo ModeMovie Mode & Panorama Mode:

  • The High-Quality Preview is no longer dark when the Editor Resolution is set from 50% (Performance) to 77% (Ultra).
  • The Photo/Movie/Panorama Preview is now always rendered at the same resolution as selected in the Settings.

Movie Mode:

  • Record Clip: the FX on/off toggle button is now fully displayed in all languages available in Lumion.  Its label is now FX and the Help Tooltip will show if the button is On or Off.

Panorama Mode:

  • The Waypoint icon in Lumion now corresponds with the correct Panorama when clicked.
  • Waypoints are now functional at all Editor Resolutions.

1.3: Effects & Styles

  • Landscape Grass applied on an Imported Model is now rendered when the Reflection Effect is Off and the Precipitation Effect is On.
  • Advanced Move Effect: animations no longer loop at the Clip length when the Auto/Use clip length toggle button is set to On.
  • Layer Visibility EffectLayer states for Layers 21 to 32 can now be modified after opening a file from Lumion 12.0.2.
  • Transparent Materials hit by sunlight no longer result in unusually high brightness when rendered in Print Resolution with the Hyperlight Effect active.

1.4: Materials

  • Material maps (Normal and Gloss ) that are auto-generated by Lumion are now resized correctly when the texture resolution is larger than 16384 x 16384 pixels and the aspect ratio is non-square.
  • Standard Material:  MP4 Video Texture files are now stored only once in the Documents\Lumion [version]\Miscellaneous\Video Textures folder.
  • While editing Materials, Lumion will now display correctly the yellow outline surrounding surfaces where a Material has already been assigned.

1.5: Save, load, and recovery functions

  • The Save button is no longer greyed out after overwriting a Project file using Save As...

1.6: Importing and Exporting

  • Add Variation: Variations to Imported Models added while in Material Mode no longer get discarded or replaced Materials.
  • A red screen is no longer displayed when starting Lumion via Livesync with Camera synchronization set to Off.
  • When Lumion becomes the active window, the Field of View is reverted to its original value instead of retaining the 3D modeling software camera data.
  • Planar Reflections are now displayed as expected when added to Imported Models that originate from SketchUp.
  • Hidden surfaces from SketchUp should no longer be visible when importing the '.SKP' file to Lumion.
  • Various fixes for geometry normals.

1.7: Miscellaneous

  • Switching from Settings to Photo or Panorama Modes after a fresh start of Lumion no longer creates display issues for the camera.

User Interface: 

  • Mouse interactions with the user interface are more responsive and no longer sluggish in heavy Projects or Projects with low framerates.
  • Japanese 2-byte characters no longer disappear when naming images.
  • Various UI improvements.


From the Team:

Enjoy learning and using Lumion 12.5.