Lumion 10.5 is available now! See what’s new. | ACAD Pte Ltd

Lumion 10.5 is available now! See what’s new.

Release Notes

Connecting interiors to exteriors, and breathing life into the outdoor spaces surrounding your architectural design. Elevate the beauty of outdoor spaces with 67 new objects available in Lumion 10.5, available today.


Sometimes, the great outdoors is as close as your own backyard.

With Lumion 10.5, available now, it’s even easier to elevate the beauty of the ‘great outdoors’ surrounding your architectural design with 67 new high-quality models* for gardens, backyards, landscape designs and other outdoor spaces.

With new potted plants, wicker baskets and wall lanterns, your design for a sunken seating area takes on the life of a cozy hangout for warm, starry evenings around the fire. Transport clients to the atmosphere of a sunny backyard picnic with new tables, chairs and other furniture. Create a seamless flow from interior to exterior, and make all of the outdoor spaces of your design feel inviting, cozy and luxurious.

Lumion 10.5

In this Lumion 10.5 render, the high-quality models and other items from the content library give the backyard setting a lived-in feeling, one that’s warm and inviting.

The new high-quality models in Lumion 10.5 include:

– 16 planting pots
– 10 coffee and garden tables
– 7 chairs and deck chairs
– 6 garden benches
– 4 wicker baskets
– 3 garden lamps
– And many more…

With these new models, combined with over 5,600 visually rich models from Lumion’s broad and impressive content library, you can quickly and confidently express your vision and capture the real-life experiences and emotions of your design intent.

Lumion 10.5 is available as a free download for Lumion 10 users. If you have Lumion 10, you should have received an email with the subject line, “Getting Started with Lumion 10.5.” You can also download Lumion 10.5 from your Lumion Account. 

*The 67 new models are available in Lumion 10.5 Pro, while Lumion 10.5 Standard contains 22 new models as well as about ⅓ of the entire content library.